This will be the first of (hopefully) a weekly installment of Would You Rather Wednesday. The idea is simple: I provide a short ‘this or that’ statement and you pick which one you would rather. Comments explaining your answer are welcome and expected.

*Remember, these questions exist in a vacuum, but your comments don’t*

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2 thoughts on “WYRW I

  1. I like this question, because it actually applies to the real world. Often times, we are so wrapped up in something, that we refuse to see other sides (essentially lacking in intelligence). Other times, we are simply checking off boxes in our lives, doing the “smart thing,” even at the cost of passion. Of course, there should be a balance in your life, but I personally find solace in knowing that what I’m doing with my intelligence can benefit someone else, even if it’s not something I am passionate about.

  2. Aaah, the old “vacuum.” Really either to the “neglect” of the other is not good, but forced to choose, I would choose as I did: for intelligence. At least that goes in the “right” direction, whereas unintelligent passion can take one any erroneous direction.

    One might also re-word the question: “Spock or McCoy?” And the best answer is, of course, “Kirk.” 🙂 Balance is usually best.

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