Beginning of the end

The company I work for was recently acquired by a larger company. The transition has been fairly smooth. However, because of the differences in operations there has been no shortage of craziness (my desk currently has two laptops and one desktop on it–each of which serve a different purpose). One of the biggest changes came when we switched the software that we used to manage our accounts. When we finally began the new system, a comment was made that “now the real craziness is about to begin.” I responded that at least it was the beginning of the end of the craziness.

That got me thinking that business acquisitions are similar to salvation. There we are leading our life of slavery to sin when God purchased us by the blood of his son. As much as we would like it to happen, we are not immediately zapped into heaven or transfigured into perfectly holy people. Just like the business acquisition a lot of craziness ensues. While you now have a new owner and guiding spirit, you already had your own modus operandi, special quirks, and thought pattern in place which sometimes causes you to slip back into old habits.

That’s why the corporate office sends some people to help guide the new acquisition until everything has been converted. We have three types of corporate guides in the christian walk. First, we receive the Holy Spirit inside of us who draws us to God, illuminates scripture, convicts us of sin, and comforts us in times of need.

The second person corporate sends/sent down is the bible. Everything we need to know about our transition from sinfulness to godliness can be found in the pages of scripture. Of course it isn’t going to mystically jump off the pages and into your mind (just like the chemistry notes didn’t in high school)., but with faithful reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on the word, the Holy Spirit will use what you read/learn to change you from the old man to the new man.

The final person corporate sends is other people just like you. These people are called the church. God has not saved us in a vacuum to study his word and become monastic nomads. Rather, as we grow in godliness we will be able to reach,teach, love, and minister to others who are all at different points in the journey of removing off the old man and putting on the new. Eventually (and not here on earth), we will be fully assimilated into God’s ownership (read: sanctified). Until then, embrace the craziness; that is how God has chosen to make you more like him.

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