What are you playing?

**Caution: This post might be as incendiary as a certain WYRW**

No quirky intro here; let’s get straight to the point. We need a good definition of sport(s).

Sport: A multi-person game (competition) wherein a winner is determined by the competitors striving against each other toward an objective goal guided primarily by their physical prowess.

Let me explain (no time–let me sum up):

  1. Multi-person game. As opposed to one person. Not very sporting to compete against yourself. And how boring would it be to always win? Sorry solitaire players, you aren’t playing a sport.
  2. Winner is determined. If there is no winner, the game never ends (unless you don’t keep score and that doesn’t seem much like a sport either). Having 2nd and 3rd is OK, but in its purest form there is a winner and there is/are loser(s).
  3. Objective. This is what really separates a sport from a competition, pageant, or game. It doesn’t matter how grumpy the officials are after thirty sporting events. The winner is still the winner.
  4. Physical. While every sport has some non-physical aspects to them–like a strategy–it is primarily the physical dominance of one competitor which determines the outcome.


Take a look at this diagram I came up with to help everyone understand what really is a sport. What do you think? Know anything that might break my definition? Let me know in the comments.

Sport Diagram

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