Using BB&T Visa Gift Cards on Amazon

I received a BB&T Visa Gift card earlier this year and decided I would put it to good use on Amazon. I put my items in the card, added the card like a regular form of payment and checked out. Ten minutes later, I received an email that my payment had been declined and I needed to fix that. Half an hour and lots of googling later, I was no closer to ordering.
I remembered in one forum, however, someone mentioned registering their card. I assumed they were talking about activating the card by calling the number and setting a pin (which I had done). Apparently he wasn’t, and the rest of this post will be a quick how-to guide on using your BB&T Visa Gift Card on Amazon (so you don’t waste over an hour of your life!).

  • Call the number on the sticker on your card. If you removed it already, it’s 866-594-2076.
  • Go here. It’s the BB&T Gift Card main page.
  • Enter the card number, cvv on the back, and the last 4 digits of the phone number you called from back on the first register 3
  • Now that you’re logged in, click register register 2
  • Fill out the information on the next page. It should look something like this: bbt register 4
  • After you click continue, you’ll have to put in some (of the strangest) security answers. Choose any four that you like and click register 5
  • It’ll bring you to a confirmation page with all your information and the answers to your security questions. Click “submit” at the bottom right and it’ll bring you to the confirmation register 6
  • Congratulations! You now wasted significantly less time setting up your BB&T card to use on Amazon than I did. You can now use the gift card on Amazon like a regular card.
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