Why is Grandma Digging a Hole: 8 Reasons

My grandmother emailed me the other day that she was digging in her backyard and called the utility marking people beforehand. The man asked her a series of questions including “why are you digging?” She found this to be a personal matter and convinced the man that he didn’t need to know why she was digging. “But” she wrote, “you could practically hear the wheels turning.” We both got a kick out of that and decided it would be a good idea to come up with the eight most plausible reasons a grandmother might be digging a hole in her backyard. Without further ado, 8 Reasons Grandma is Digging a Hole (in no particular order):

1. Burying her money


You know, because grandmas are always filthy rich and also skeptical about banks.

2. Building a doomsday shelter


Just in case this whole Trump thing doesn’t work out as well as they planned.

3. Searching for Buried Treasure


Maybe she forgot where she buried all her money. Maybe the bank wasn’t such a bad idea.

4. Smuggling Moonshine During the Prohibition


Only about 85 years too late on this one.

5. Looking for Sarlaccs


“Good, I hate long waits”

6. Setting Traps for Pirates


Probably coming to look for her buried treasure.

7. Tapping in to the New Pipelines


Who needs fresh water anyway.

8. Laying a Furry Friend Down to Restcat-grave_ink_li

The phrase, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” just doesn’t seem to work here.

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3 thoughts on “Why is Grandma Digging a Hole: 8 Reasons

  1. Diane Rochat

    Dave, What a fun surprise! I really liked the one about hiding my moonshine (: but I don’t know what a sarlaccs is??? I’ve shared it with all my facebook buddies this evening, so we’ll see what answers I get back. Did your dad tell you, Rocky and I are thinking of moving to Kansas?

    • diane ames rochat

      dave, Just came across this again, and laughed all over for the second time. But I still miss my buddy. Love Grandma diane

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