Once upon a time there was a family who were called the Thomases. This family loved God with all their heart, mind and strength. Their love for God led them on an abundance of adventures. After the adventure was over, however, they would rush home to tell their tale. This way their family, friends and maybe even some strangers could hear the tales and be inspired to love God more deeply. Some of the adventures would be life-changing and some frivolous, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them all. Now, let me briefly introduce you to these Thomases. You’ll learn much more about them by reading their adventures than by a thousand paragraphs of description:

Lord David the Quick- Ruler of all household adventures. He’s as nimble afoot as he is witty in thought.

Lady Ashley the Benevolent- Chief navigator and food supplier. Her kind heart and thrifty ways often save the day.

Baby Abigail the Brewing Tempest- Coming soon to an adventure near you (May 15th)!


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