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Dying to Self


       Recently, before we go to sleep, David and I will spend some time reading in bed. David is currently reading The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (which seem to give him ideas for stories that he is writing). I am reading a novel called Stepping Heavenward: One Woman’s Journey to Godliness by Mrs. E. Prentiss. Set in the 1800’s, this fiction novel reads as a journal chronicling a woman’s life beginning when she is 16 years old. Having read this book before, I wholeheartedly recommend it to other ladies. Also, as Elisabeth Elliot states about this book: “I do not hesitate to recommend it to men, who need to better understand the wives they live with.” As I am reading I am continually thinking “this is how I thought” or “this is how I think.”  Not only is it a relatable and engaging read, but it is also spiritually convicting and encouraging. I read it with a pencil nearby because I am constantly underlining and marking sections.


        This brings me to why I wanted to write this post; a couple nights ago I read a brilliant section that I wanted to share on Facebook. However, I couldn’t find a good stopping/starting place to quote from that wouldn’t be too long for Facebook. This quote is taken from a letter that Dr. Cabot, Katy’s Pastor, wrote to her and she copied in her journal. (The whole letter is worthwhile, but I will only copy some of it here.)

“Having been pardoned by your God and Savior, the next thing you have to do is to show your gratitude for this infinite favor by consecrating your self entirely to Him, body, soul, and spirit. This is the least you can do….’But,’ you may reply, ‘this is contrary to my nature. I love my own way. I desire ease and pleasure; I desire to go to heaven, but I want to be carried thither on a bed of flowers.Can I not give myself so far to God as to feel a sweet sense of peace with Him, and be sure of final salvation, and yet, to a certain extent, indulge and gratify myself? If I give myself entirely away to Him and lose all ownership in myself, He may deny me many things I greatly desire. He may make my life hard and wearisome, depriving me of all that now makes it agreeable.’ But, I reply, this is no matter of parley and discussion; it is not optional with God’s children whether they will pay Him a part of the price they owe Him and keep back the rest. He asks, and He has a right to ask, for all you have and all you are. And if you shrink from what is involved in such a surrender, you should fly to Him at once and never rest till He has conquered this secret disinclination to give to Him as freely and as fully as He has given to you. It is true that such an act of consecration on your part may involve a great deal of future discipline and correction. But as soon as you be-come the Lord’s by your own deliberate and conscious act, He will begin that process of sanctification which is to make you holy as He is holy, perfect as He is perfect…. At the same time you are not to sit with folded hands, waiting for this blessing. You are to avoid laying hindrances in His way, and you are to exercise faith in Him as just as able and just as willing to give you sanctification as He was to give you redemption.”

            It seems to be the American mindset to go about our daily lives living for ourselves and the things we put value in and then call on God when we need Him. We were created to worship God, not the other way around.  He is not our servant; we are to be His. That means surrendering our will to His. Sometimes this surrender seems so difficult to me; it’s a daily, even moment by moment, struggle of giving over my self and my wants and giving into the things of God. Sometimes, I feel like it is such a great burden, but God is quick to remind me that it is He, and not me, who is completing it; I just need to be open and willing.

By the way this book is offered in a free e-book!

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Abigail is 4 Months Old!

               I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since Abigail was born. David and I have enjoyed watching her grow and seeing how much more interactive she has become with every new day. At her 4 month check up she weighed 12 lbs 12 oz. and was 23 inches tall. She almost doubled her birth weight.

I can’t believe she has gone from this:

abigail 378

To this:

abigial asleep



Here are some things Abigail has been up to recently:

She likes spending time with her daddy. Dave is really good at calming Abigail down and putting her to sleep when she is fussy. She loves it when he sings to her, especially when he makes up silly songs!

dave abigail collage

Sleeping baby

The pictures are the right are actually not on the same day; Dave just REALLY likes that shirt!

Recently Abigail has been trying to sit up a lot. We prop her up on her hands and she can sit by herself for about a minute. She also enjoys occasionally sitting on our heads.

abigail sitting

sitting on heads

She is experimenting with new sounds. One that she is fond of is screaching/screaming whether in excitement or anger (sometimes we don’t know which it is 😉 ). We take her on walks at least 5 times a week. She really enjoys being outside and looking up at the trees from her stroller. Another thing that calms her is taking a bath. She likes to hear the sound of running water.


She loves being showered with kisses and being cuddled. She likes belly time and is starting to “scoot” forward on her belly! She brings everything she can to her mouth. She’s getting good at grabbing and reaching for things. Recently she has been reaching up and just touching David’s face with her hand. It’s very endearing.

being cute


She isn’t the greatest napper but she does like to sleep (especially when being held).

abigail sleeping 2

I can’t wait to experience more of life with Abigail as she grows! I’m trying to keep friends and family updated on Abigail and our life, but I’m not very good at it. Hopefully I can update y’all more within in the next 4 months 😉



Here’s a little lagniappe:

pink bday

Celebrating Aunt Sissy’s GOLDEN Birthday!

ashleys iphone 370



For talk like a pirate day Abigail, Aunt Sissy, and I dressed up like pirates to each get a free dozen of Krispy Kreme!

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A Harris Teeter Trip

I had my first grocery shopping trip alone with Abigail today. David and I had gone with her before when she was around 2 weeks old but she didn’t like being in the car seat and cried a bit. Since then I have just done my grocery shopping while David was with Abigail at home. But today was the first day Abigail and I went together and it was a success! Toward the end she started getting fussy and didn’t want to be in the car seat any longer; so I took her out while the cashier rang me up. But I knew that once I put her back down she would cry her little eyes out. So while my daughter wailed a very sweet employee helped me out to my car and loaded the groceries for me while I got Abigail situated in the car. One of the reasons I love Harris Teeter (a grocery store I love to coupon at) is because of the super friendly and nice workers. Yay for grocery shopping with Abigail!

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A Poem About Spit-Up

Ode to Spit-Up


Spit-up spit-up everywhere
On my clothes and in my hair
On the baby on the ground
There’s not one place it isn’t found.
On my face and on my toes
In my navel and on my nose
Sometimes I don’t even care
That there’s spit-up everywhere.


photo (2)

The Spit-Up Maker


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