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One Day Old: A Parody

A parody of One Day More commemorating our 2nd daughter’s birth (music video to come shortly–j/k)

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A Harris Teeter Trip

I had my first grocery shopping trip alone with Abigail today. David and I had gone with her before when she was around 2 weeks old but she didn’t like being in the car seat and cried a bit. Since then I have just done my grocery shopping while David was with Abigail at home. But today was the first day Abigail and I went together and it was a success! Toward the end she started getting fussy and didn’t want to be in the car seat any longer; so I took her out while the cashier rang me up. But I knew that once I put her back down she would cry her little eyes out. So while my daughter wailed a very sweet employee helped me out to my car and loaded the groceries for me while I got Abigail situated in the car. One of the reasons I love Harris Teeter (a grocery store I love to coupon at) is because of the super friendly and nice workers. Yay for grocery shopping with Abigail!

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Episode five of Would You Rather Wednesdays. For more WYRW click on over here.

**Don’t forget to leave a comment with your reasoning!”

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A Poem About Spit-Up

Ode to Spit-Up


Spit-up spit-up everywhere
On my clothes and in my hair
On the baby on the ground
There’s not one place it isn’t found.
On my face and on my toes
In my navel and on my nose
Sometimes I don’t even care
That there’s spit-up everywhere.


photo (2)

The Spit-Up Maker


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Little Corley Breland came over to our house to play today. Who knew that she would leave a Jedi Knight?!

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