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Place for Broken Toys

“We have a place for broken toys” Continue reading

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Which Thomas Child Are You?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. You can click this link to find out which Thomas Child you most resemble.

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2016 Reading Challenge: Peter and Wendy

The category of book I’ve been reading the last two weeks is: A book for children. The book I chose for this category was Peter and Wendy. Below you’ll find some information about the book, a summary, and some closing thoughts. If you’d like to skip straight to my ratings, click here.

Bibliographic Information: Barrie, J.M. Peter and Wendy. Kindle Version published in 2012. Originally published in 1911  Read On

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A New Kind of Monster

Once upon a time there was a castle made of stone;
Inside a family of monsters made this place their home.
There were tall monsters and smelly monsters.
Stinky and big bellied monsters.
Fire breathing monsters and sneaky green monsters
There was even a king and a queen monster

Then one day a new monster came along.
This monster wasn’t ugly, and she wasn’t very strong.
All the older monsters heard from her a song
That told of a place where monsters could live free
And be who they were created to be.
They needn’t be nasty.
They needn’t be mean.
If only they followed a new kind of queen.

At first all the monsters did not like the new
Monster who came with its hullabaloo.
So then the old monster king said, “Hey you!
What is it you’re asking us monsters to do?”
And the new monster said “Come with me. Join my crew.

We will travel outside of your kingdom tonight.
Go to your neighbors and treat them real nice
Help and be kind without thinking twice.

Though some of the monsters thought this was swell
With most of the monsters it didn’t go over too well.
They became very angry and started to plot
A really mean trick; these monsters were hot!

The small group was serving and those monsters were red.
Then old king and queen glued and feathered the head
Of all who followed the new queen instead.

All those mean monsters thought they had won
When the new queen and crew went off toward the sun.
Days and weeks passed and they thought they were done;
Now they’d go back to their old, selfish fun.

Then one day they looked up in the sky.
“If I didn’t know better” said old monster one-eye,
“I’d say those new monsters have learned how to fly!”

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